Vote for Sam Stiele, letter to the editor from Council Member Alan Beck

To the Editor:

I’m writing to announce my support of Sam Stiele in his bid to be the next Mayor of Hopkins.

For years, Sam has dedicated himself to serving this city. He applied for, and was appointed to, the Planning and Zoning Commission where he currently serves as Chair. In addition, has volunteered at several of our local organizations including Resource West, ICA Food Shelf and with the Hopkins JCI. At every step, Sam has proven his commitment to Hopkins and our citizens.

I have worked with Sam through the local Rotary chapter, where he partnered with the Hopkins Police Department to found the Beds for Kids program. He hasn’t done it for notoriety, or credit, rather he has served and given back because that’s who he is.

Sam will work hard to continue to set Hopkins up for success as we enter this period of rapid growth. He is uniquely qualified to lead, mentor and support the council and city employees in the coming years. Unlike his opponents, Sam not only lives here, but he also works in Hopkins. He is approachable, and has been involved long before he considered running for Mayor. His Hopkins experience outweighs that of the others in this race.

I urge you to vote Sam Stiele for Hopkins Mayor. He is a leader who is committed to strengthening our city, including our services and businesses, and encouraging participation from our citizens. I am confident that he will work tirelessly to help keep Hopkins one of the best places to live and work in the state.


Alan Beck

Hopkins City Council

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