We Support Hopkins Fire & Police

We Support Hopkins Fire & Police

As a town of roughly 20,000 people, in a 4 square mile area, we are very lucky to have our own Hopkins Fire Department and Hopkins Police Department. These services add to our community every day. We support Hopkins Fire & Police. They can reduce the rates of homeowner insurance, they keep us safe, they help make our residents feel secure with their local presence, and are also around to help our citizens celebrate. They show-up at events, work tirelessly while being under staffed & risk their lives for the community. Thank you will never be enough. Gratitude is certainly appreciated by those who serve, we also must elect a Mayor who will make it a priority to keep our local services and departments strong.

In the coming years, we are projecting a population increase of about 18% in Hopkins. Also the addition of light rail into our community. will increase people in town. The local services we have in place need to be supported to expand with the community so they are prepared for this exciting, and rapid, growth.

As Mayor, this will be one of my top priorities. We Support Hopkins Fire & Police

What is the true cost of feeling safe?

“On average, homeowners pay around $1.40 a day for a full-time Fire Dept including salaries & benefits.”¬†Quote from the Hopkins FD

As a husband, father of 2 and doggy daddy, our police & fire are not a luxury for me. They help me feel confident in raising my children here, and we are happy to do what we can to make them feel welcome in our town. When we attend open houses at the fire department we shake hands, introduce our children, say “thank you” and watch as the firefighters and police officers get to know the community. It is impossible to put a price on the feeling of security and community generated by these events and having these departments in the city of Hopkins.

The fire department additionally maintains the EMS services and now have gained the additional responsibility of inspections. We support Hopkins Fire & Police. These are services I support and want to grow in proportion to the community growth and new needs we will see in the next 3 years.

Fire Dept Open house

We Support Hopkins Police & Fire

Lino Lakes left Centennial Shared Services in 2016

Lino Lakes leaves Centennial Services

There have been sporadic discussions of entering into a “shared services” model with other municipalities near by. This means that we would lose some or all of our local services. Instead partner with surrounding cities to rely on their services. This experiment was put in place in other metro area communities, but largely has not been successful. (Article linked above for more information.)

The Centennial Services group started in 1985. Lino Lakes had approx 5,000 residents in 1985. As population grew they realized it was time to serve their community directly. In 2016 Lino Lakes had a population of about 20,000 residents (comparable to Hopkins, MN) and today they are over 22,000 residents.

Shout out to the Police

Hopkins Police Department works very hard to be a positive influence in our community through the fun outreach they do. Also in the day to day business of patrols and all interactions they have with the people in Hopkins. We support Hopkins Police and Fire. Police lead spontaneous Rec in the Park.

I have worked extensively with the Police Department through the Beds for Kids Collaboration with¬†Hopkins Rotary Club. Most of us take our bed for granted, but some kids don’t have that luxury. This partnership between Rotary, a service organization, and our local Hopkins Police provide beds, sheets and blankets for children in need.

Below is a picture of Rotarians like our city manager, former mayor, police chief and myself are helping improve the lives of Hopkins Kids.

As Mayor, I will continue to partner with local groups, our city government, and the local HPD. We need each other to keep Hopkins a shining star among Twin Cities communities.

Beds for Kids
We Lean Local

Being in the community keeps us safer. Cops & Kids program, Stuff the Squad or Bike Helmet Safety having our Police connecting with community keeps us safer. We need to continue supporting out Police Department so they can keep response times under 4 minutes. I just attended a community meeting where Anne Marie Buck shared stats from the Police Department. If you would like her to join your neighborhood for an informative discussion click the link:

Police Community Liaison

Citizens can help the HFD

Yep you can see the picture of me holding Gus. The Fire Department wasn’t available that day. I went ahead & saved Gus from a tree. Chief Specken reminded me that, “Cats usually come down on their own.”¬† We Support Hopkins Police & Fire

Gus in a tree
Gus in a tree

Always willing to support our city in anyway I can!


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