“Why I Want My Dad for Mayor”

Family Meeting:

When we made the family decision that I would run for Mayor of Hopkins, my son Oliver (13 years old) wrote out a list of why he would vote for me. He assured me that there were more reasons, but that these are, “the first ones that came to mind.”

Please enjoy this glimpse into his mind. Thank you, Oliver, I will always laugh with you and yes, I will be the one to take care of the bug on the wall.

Why I Want My dad For Mayor

  1. I like him.
  2. He’s a likable person.
  3. He’s funny.
  4. He’s the one who’ll kill the bug on the wall.
  5. He works hard.
  6. He loves his family.
  7. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like him.
  8. He let’s Caroline wear his shoes.
  9. He talks to everyone.
  10. He makes me laugh.
  11. He, also, laughs a lot.
  12. He is good at video games.

Set an Example:

Having Oliver & Caroline means I have a deeper responsibility. I need to set an example and be a role model everyday. That isn’t a job you take a break from or a day off. I am so grateful that my own parents taught me how to be the role model I am today.

From as long as I can remember my parents taught me that when you have a small business you patronize small business. You get a key from Hance Hardware because when they wreck their car, they are coming to Hopkins Auto Body .

That is what Hopkins means to me. There is not one big box store on Mainstreet. It is an conglomeration of small businesses owned by people in and near the community. Buildings that are cared for by residents, neighbors invested in this community. When go out to dinner or stop into Driscoll’s you meet your neighbors.

I am so proud of number 9. When I am in 30 Bales, or Driscoll’s or Tuttle’s, talk to me. There is never a time that I am too busy to listen. We all get better when we listen. If Oliver has learned that from me, I am winning today.

Walk Down to City Hall

There wasn’t just a family meeting or a list, this is a civics lesson. I took my family hand in hand and we walked down to city hall because we are doing this together. It impacts everyone of us and we as a family are all in. So I took my family to city hall and we filed out the papers that said Samuel Stiele is running for Hopkins Mayor.

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