Sam’s Weekend in 5 Pictures

The themes this weekend were “Hopkins” and “Purple.” We had our first Meet & Greet on Friday evening, we went to the Farmer’s Market and later the LTD Octoberfest on Saturday, we had brunch at Pub 819 and enjoyed outside time with the pups on Sunday. Here are 5 pictures from the weekend!

Great turnout at the Neighborhood Meet & Greet on Friday, thank you to everyone who came out. We are supporting local at our parties. This one included sandwiches from Minnyrow  & cupcakes from Pastry Party If you would like to join us for a future party, check out our Events page. If you want to host a Meet & Greet, sign up on our Get Involved page.


Great to keep the streak alive at LTD Octoberfest! We have been going since year one. This year we met some new friends.

The family (including Jelly the dog) enjoyed brunch on the “pawtio” at Pub 819.¬† We love our local restaurants!

Walked Peanut Butter (the dog) in our purple Stiele for Mayor t-shirts. If you want one, or other great swag, let us know on the website. We will deliver!

My dad, Ed, got his truck wrapped by Wrap City Graphics

If you see the truck around town, take your picture with it and tag it with #stieleformayor and we’ll share our favorites!

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