Sam’s Weekend in 5 PIctures

Sam’s Weekend in 5 Pictures


Our “We Lean Local” Platform is getting a lot of attention.

Our first picture from Sam’s weekend in 5 pictures, isn’t a picture, but a link. Dozens of news sources picked up Sam Stiele’s “We lean local” Platform from our blog. Citizen Tribune was just one of those outlets. So proud of everything we are doing to focus on Hopkins, MN

Citizen Tribune “We Lean Local”

My Step & Repeat is here!

Step & Repeat
Stiele for Mayor

Just in time for our party (THANK YOU LISA!!!) We have the step & repeat.

If you have the chance to take your picture at the step & repeat or with the Stiele for Mayor truck. Make sure you tag us on Facebook & Instagram


We had so many great people stop by & chat with us.

stiele for mayor
Stiele for Mayor


Hopkins Cinema in the Park


stiele for mayor
stiele for mayor


Thanks to Matthew Miller & Hopkins Community Cinema for showing Inside out in the Park. Everyone should be following on Facebook & attend the October movies!! Make sure you Show Up for the community.


Mainstreet Days

Huge Shout out to the Hopkins JCI for bringing back Mainstreet Days. Moreover, I think we should do this 2x per year! The weather was about the same as May, thank you MN.

My Day started with a trip to Center Drug for some shoe inserts!

Stiele for Mayor
Center Drug


Mainstreet Days in Hopkins, MN

We had so much fun!!! Thank you for everyone who stopped by my booth & chatted.

Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor


After Mainstreet Day at Mainstreet

Again, we ended up at…. Mainstreet Bar & Grill I know it is a running joke, might as well be our kitchen. But that is where we went to eat after a day of adrenaline on Mainstreet

stiele for mayor
stiele for mayor


And after all of that we don’t have any pictures left for SUNDAY!!!

We will take guesses…. ???

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