Meet & Greet with Sam

Moline 100 8th Avenue South, Hopkins, MN

Come talk to Sam share what you think about the city & have a donut  

Talk to Sam

Come chat with Sam and have a snack. Talk about the city

Meet & Greet with Sam Stiele

Come meet & greet. Talk to Sam about your thoughts Central Park Pavilion stop by and say hi!

Meet & Greet with Sam

409 Wilshire Walk, Hopkins, MN 55305-4851, United States

Come join us for food and refreshments from Nacho's Grill & Pastry Pantry. Enjoy a casual meet & greet, get

Meet and Greet with Sam Stiele

58 Harrison Ave S, Hopkins, MN 58 Harrison Ave S, Hopkins, MN

We will be holding a Meet & Greet for you to connect with Sam