We Lean Local

We lean local because:

A lot of people talk about politics and reflect on what is happening nationally.

Local government impacts our lives perhaps more than any other vote we cast. When you think about who is at the helm in local government those are the people planning future city needs. Sometimes those needs are emergency services, engaging in discussions about schools, parks and developments as the community changes.

What “we lean local” means:

Over the last 60 years our family has seen this community go from “Cars & Bars” to a town with strong art connections, focus on health, sought after restaurants and commitment to quality of life for residents. Now, as I look to the future I am excited about where we’re headed, but we have a lot of heavy lifting to do.

My number one priority is to maintain the strong quality of life residents here in Hopkins love and deserve. We need to support our city services through proper planning. There is a short period of time to execute before rapid population growth and the light rail expansion.

In everything I do, my family does, we don’t just look to national politics because what impacts us most in our daily lives is local. When running for elected office at any level, sometimes people want to know what party every candidate belongs to, but Hopkins runs non-partisan city elections. It isn’t about a party it is about people. The people who live here, shop here, work here, own businesses here, go to school here. When we’re talking about what Hopkins needs, instead of asking what political party we belong to, let’s talk about our community. Because ultimately, we all lean local.


We Lean Local

Hitting the ground running is critical to planning for the next 5 years. To do that you need to lean local. Whether it is supporting Hopkins Resident like Gleason Printing or Hopkins Business like Snap Print we lean local. Every sign in someone’s yard that says Stiele for Mayor was printed at one of those two places. Our direct mail was print there too, so if you like what shows up in your mailbox please remember to use Gleason printing for your future printing needs.¬†Gleason Printing

We have worked with Wrap City Graphics and used a new local cupcake cottage baker for our meet & greets. Any bottle of water you grab that says Stiele for Mayor is a Jay Applebaum bottle, another Hopkins local.

But it didn’t start with election supplies, it is a way of life. Our family has owned Hopkins Auto Body since 1962. In the last 60 years our lives, families lives have depended on this local community stepping up and saying you should use this local body shop. We can not say thank you enough for the Hopkins community supporting our family for the last 60 years. That is why we chose to give that support back. So we lean local.

We Lean Local
Family We lean local


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