Sam’s Weekend in 5 Pictures

Sam’s Weekend in 5 Pictures

We love a good weekend here in the Stiele House. Sam’s Weekend in 5 Pictures will hopefully make you smile. Look at all the purple.

This week marked MEA for my kids. Since our son Oliver was in Kindergarten, my wife Kimberly, has taken the opportunity to travel one on one with him. They have gone to a number of places over the years. After having to skip 2020, this year they came back in full force and spent a few days in Nashville, TN.

Kimberly & Oliver made it back for our weekend. Caroline and I missed them, but they had a great time in Nashville. Time with kids is so important to us. Halloween is just around the corner and that is a favorite time for me personally.


Saturday start at the Farmers Market.

My mom joined us at the¬†Farmer’s Market this week. Now as you have seen we didn’t just go this weekend. We have made it to at least half of the Farmer’s Market weekends. Many of you have also heard me say that my family is wonderful at¬†Supporting Local through their purchases.

My first picture… A T-Shirt my wife HAD TO HAVE purple!

Farmers Market
Stiele for Mayor

Moving onto Brunch, we have to highlight Mainstreet Bar & Grill make sure you are following them on fa Facebook Mainstreet. There is brunch on Saturday & Sunday. This is another picture that I have to post for my wife

Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor

A good Mimosa on a Saturday was a way to celebrate MEA. Waffles and Fruit Toppings were a hit too.


Sneaky Cool Finds at Local Digs

Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor

Hance Hardware buys the BEST stuff.

So fun to grab Halloween Decorations at Hance & some pumpkins. I do love Halloween & my wife loves decorating.

Sunday Funday

Family Day starts with church (No pictures taken)

This picture is for the kids. They think it is SO fun to sit in LTD Brewing and watch the IG/Facebook counters. They DO update in real time. So fun.


Ending it with a quick silly moment.

Stiele for Mayor

Studies say petting dogs relieve stress. Not sure about those studies… Especially rescue puppies, but I love them.

Meet Peanut Butter & Jelly. You have seen Jelly before, but I am not sure if Peanut Butter has made any picture appearances. She is full of energy, a bit of a menace, but full of love.


Remember to Vote Sam Stiele on November 2nd. We are getting close to the election and thank you for your support.

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