Sam’s Weekend in 5 pictures

Sam’s weekend in 5 pictures

Sam’s weekend in 5 pictures will only be 5 pictures this time. It was a super busy weekend, which is why the pictures are harder to come by 😉


Stopped at Mac’s for some wine

Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor


The McCarville Family has been an important part of the community. Not the first time we have shopped there, we will try to stop in again before they close. I would encourage everyone else in Hopkins and their friends to stop in & shop.

Mac’s Liquor

Friday night HOMECOMING


Stiele for Mayor

It was fun to watch the wolfpack play football at the Blake Aamoth Stadium. Fun to watch the kids at school with their friends.

Was less fun to sprint to the car in the pouring rain!!!


Saturday Morning Pictures

Started with the Hopkins Farmers Market with Kid’s Cash and Honey Sticks. They are open until 10/30/2021 for this season. Make sure you take one last trip


Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor

Then we stopped at Hoagie’s Family Restaurant

Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor

They will be closed for upgrades 10/4-10/8. You see the ads on the tables… For quite awhile you could see my Ad on the tables at Hoagie’s. They did a great job reaching out to the community. I like to find ways to support any small business I can.


Sunday Family Fun Day

We had a lot of Church on Sunday! Our daughter Caroline is starting the study of 2 sacraments, First Reconciliation & First Communion. We are excited to support her on her journey.

We did not take pictures at church.

Between trips to church was preparation for an upcoming party. On 10/7 I am so honored that my sister & brother- in-law Amy & Dean Lunski will be hosting a meet & greet for us at their home.

stiele for mayor
Stiele for Mayor

I am so grateful & humbled by the support we have received.

Thank you to my family for always being there cheering me on. When you are younger, older sisters may pick on you. Raising my family in the same community as the Lunski’s has been a privilege. Please join us on Thursday, we will have food from Nacho’s Grill in Hopkins

Spoiler Alert: Next weekend will have a TON of DONUT pictures…. Donut Drive Dine


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