Election Day 2021

Election day 2021

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November 2, 2021

On this first Tuesday of November, the first day my name has appeared on a ballot, after the day could
not have started anymore perfectly. Woke up with great energy & attitudes, we all charged out of the house eager to start this day head on and to finish what we started, TOGETHER.

Before the sunrise this morning we arrived at Father Paul’s home for a family blessing that was truly
meaningful, and something we were incredibly grateful for. Shortly before the school doors were
opened for the ballot boxes at 7am, we all entered this journey as we began it, TOGETHER.
Kimberly & I were the first and second ballots cast with our children watching the process we have
always participated in as our civil duty, Oliver & Caroline were very excited to don our “I Voted” stickers
as we thanked the election judges for their service & time for this election process, before getting
breakfast at Hoagie’s to prepare for the day, TOGETHER.

Votes 1 and 2
Stiele for Mayor

Election Day
Election Day Breakfast

Once we dropped our children off at school both Kimberly & I began our work to-do lists, and I
discovered a note Oliver wrote for us when this entire adventure began for us titled “Why I want my
Dad for Mayor”
Now, as I recall, we asked Oliver to write down 3 reasons for his titled letter. As I am reviewing this now
treasured family keepsake, he made it through 12 & started number 13 before I am sure someone
interrupted him. A short, authentic list from the boy who made me a father can evoke every single
emotion in a father with the greatest of ease. It took a mere 30 seconds to read, but I laughed, choked
up, felt more inspired, renewed and focused. Felt a deep certainty of confidence, and extremely grateful
this is the perception of my only Son.

Stiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor
STiele for Mayor
Stiele for Mayor



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