Our city is expected to grow by roughly 18% in the next few years, we need to support our public services and help Hopkins be ready for the future.
We have a lot of new developments currently being built and planned over the next three years. We’re very excited to welcome the new 2500+ residents, and we need to ensure that our fire department, police department, and city services are ready to handle the increase in population. As mayor, I will partner with all departments to ensure their needs are met and listen to all potential concerns they have so we can approach any issues together.

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The next mayor should address our city’s current debt structure to ensure we’re saving money and allocating funds in a way that sets Hopkins up for success for years to come.
The city budget must be managed to allow for growth and to protect the services we all rely on as citizens of Hopkins. A balanced approach must be taken to manage our current debt, review proposed cuts, assist with property tax relief, all while maintaining our best-in-class services we are so proud of. My experience as a Hopkins business owner, property owner, and city commissioner makes me the best suited candidate to address these issues. I am ready to work on the budget and debt on day one in office.

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We need consistent communication, cooperation, and collaboration between City Hall the Hopkins school board & school district.
We are proud of all the kids attending school in and around our city through the Hopkins school district. We need to ensure that we are connecting what is discussed and approved at city hall to those in charge of our schools. There needs to be a solid balance between what the citizens and businesses of Hopkins need and what the kids in our school district need. I will work to open up the lines of communication to promote strong collaboration.

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We have a proud history in Hopkins, one that I want to ensure we hold up for generations to come.
As a former board member of the Hopkins Historical Society, I am happy to support the Hopkins Commercial Historic District. This will officially preserve a small section of Mainstreet in downtown Hopkins as an Historic District. I believe in a balanced approach between development and preservation. We can earn the historic designation, while continuing to allow for new small businesses to grow and flourish along Mainstreet.

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